Discussing the best science fiction and fantasy shows on television. Each week, Tina, Chris, Jeff, Chuck and special guests discuss the latest news and happenings in the world of science fiction and fantasy television, as well as review new episodes of favorite (and hated) shows. From Lost to Doctor Who to Battlestar Galactica, we look at the latest, greatest and lamest (we’re looking at you, Ghost Whisperer!) and give an irreverent view of new TV. Bad TV may be a brain eating monster lurking in the dusty corners of your living room, but Television Zombies are along for the fight! .

Based in Washington, D.C., Tina and Jeff first began podcasting in 2004 with the awkwardly titled “Restaurant Fuel/I Like Seamonsters” podcast, which centered around their experiences as expecting parents of twins. Following the births of their daughters, the pair took an extended break from podcasting to focus on sleep deprivation and hospital stays. Now that life has returned to normal, Tina and Jeff resumed podcasting, joined by their friend Chris who brings an encyclopedian knowledge of nerd trivia to the proceedings.

In addition to Television Zombies, Tina is always hard at work on her various projects, Tina Seamonster.com, and Jeff blogs here. Chris is an artist, writer, graphic designer and member of the D.C. Conspiracy — his daily sketch blog can be found here.

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