TVZ Ep.206: “Garden of Bones”

This week, the TVZ team takes a look at recent episodes of Game of Thrones and Fringe. Also, the news of the week!

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4 Responses to “TVZ Ep.206: “Garden of Bones””

  1. kenny38606 says:

    The actor who plays Joffrey, Jack Gleeson, is 19 going on 20. Tina was wondering about his age in the episode. He is currently in his second year at an Irish university.

    Jeff is also right about the actor not wanting to act anymore after this. He was recently made a scholar at his university and said that after Game of Thrones, he may do some amateur plays, but he doesn’t want to do anymore professional acting.

    He’s currently studying philosophy and theology, and would like to pursue a career in academics.

  2. chrispiers says:

    Thanks for the info, Kenny. I’m a little sad that he wants to retire from acting but it’s also pretty cool that he’s got a path in mind for himself that he cares about and is still honoring his committment to Game of Thrones.

  3. kenny38606 says:

    Another thing. A few episodes ago, you guys played a points game where you took turns picking which pilots you thought would be picked up. Network upfronts start next Monday and even though Chuck and Katie are gone, are you going to reveal who won in a future episode? Thanks.

  4. chrispiers says:

    Yup, that will probably go down in episode 209!