TVZ Ep.194: “You’ve Got the Touch!”

This week, the TVZ team welcomes special guest Jason Rodriguez to defend Alcatraz — but is it even possible? Also, the news of the week and a look at Touch!

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2 Responses to “TVZ Ep.194: “You’ve Got the Touch!””

  1. cindercity says:

    I have a question for you guys.Do you think your tastes have changed over the years or maybe some of your fans have?I ask because over the last year or so, I’ve noticed how your opinions on shows have began to radically differ from the opinions of myself and a few of my friends who listen to the show.

    When I started listening in early 2009, I liked all the shows you watched and almost always agreed with you.But now it seems every time a new show comes along that I really enjoy, your crew either doesn’t care for it or outwardly hates it.`

    Shows like Once Upon A Time, Alcatraz, Touch, American Horror Story(initially), Terra Nova and Walking Dead.I know people have different views and opinions, but unless me, my friends and the other podcasts we listen to are idiots, those shows can’t be anywhere near as bad as TVZ makes them out to be.

    And I know you guys like to inject humor into the news, but it feels like anything not involving Supernatural, Fringe or Doctor Who is laughed at or criticized.

    I don’t know.My friends and I really like you guys and the show, but it’s getting less and less fun/entertaining to hear constant negativity/derision about shows I really like or reactionary opinions about info surrounding upcoming shows I’m looking forward to.

    Out of the 4, Chris seems to be the less critical and I do seem to still agree with him on some things.But(and I hate to call you out), but Chuck seems to be the most negative of the group.Sometimes to the point of being unreasonable.I don’t know his person business and maybe this has something to do with someone he knows, but it’s really offputting the way he immediately criticizes or dismisses a show that uses an autistic child as a plot point, as if the idea in itself is offensive.I know he dislikes Heroes, but I remember an episode awhile back about Doctor Who, which involved the guys Two-minute Time Lord and Creeping with Armstrong.One of them innocently attempted to point out a similarity between Doctor Who and Heroes and Chuck acted as if someone had physically hurt him and was about to start an argument.I was like, “come on man”.

    This once was my favorite TV podcast, but it’s gotten to the point where I only enjoy the interviews, the games you sometimes play and a few of the listener e-mails.Unfortunately, my friends have checked out.

    I honestly don’t want to be negative or come down on you guys, but it’s disappointing to me that I’ve enjoyed you guys for nearly 3 years and that joy has almost faded.I used to listen to the show as soon as it was downloaded, but now I listen to it when I don’t really have anything else to do.I actually listened to this episode when it downloaded because I wanted to hear your opinions on Touch, because I liked the pilot, even though I kinda already knew what you thought of it.

    Anyway, that’s enough venting.I think I’ll probably stick around for a little until The River and Awake debut to see what I think of them and how you guys feel, too.

    However things turn out, thanks for 3 years of good podcasting.

  2. chrispiers says:

    Thank you for such a long and well-written letter, Cindercity. I am humbled that you care enough about our show to reply in such detail. I think this will be worth reading in our next episode.

    We definitely have our favorites. But maybe even if there’s stuff we don’t like, we can try to find some of the positives. It’s a tough balance because we used to be accused of liking everything too much. We try to just keep it honest. I still think we could do a little of both no matter the show.