Fringe Refresher Brings You Up to Speed

The producers of Fringe have created two short videos to bring new viewers up to speed and refresh the memories of long-time viewers. Both are narrated by actor John Noble, who plays main character Dr. Walter Bishop. Below the videos are 10 episodes I recommend to get caught up!

The first video is an overview of Fringe as a whole and the second drills down a bit to share more details. Enjoy!

Fringe began as more of a procedural but quickly took on its own fascinating mythology. If you want to fast-track Fringe, here are ten episodes from seasons one and two that catch you up on the overall story. Season three is pretty much all mythology.

    1.11, “Bound”
    1.14, “Ability”
    1.17, “Bad Dreams”
    1.19, “The Road Not Taken”
    1.20, “There’s More Than One of Everything”
    2.15, “Jacksonville”
    2.16, “Peter”
    2.19, “The Man from the Other Side”
    2.20, “Brown Betty”
    2.22 and 2.23, “Over There (Parts I and II)”

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