TVZ Ep.149: George R.R. Martin

This week, the TVZ team interviews legendary science fiction and fantasy writer, George R.R. Martin, creator of the new HBO series, Game of Thrones. Also, the news of the week and a look back at the year’s shows.

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8 Responses to “TVZ Ep.149: George R.R. Martin”

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  5. Essemar says:

    Hey, I checked out your podcast because I’m a huge George R.R. Martin fan. That was a great interview. I’ll definitely be listening in the future.

    Peace out!

  6. mamaloo says:

    Being Erica runs on CBC, the Canadian version of BBC. I have never heard of Soap Net. It’s not much in the way of genre TV. It’s sorta cutesy, more in the way of chick comedies like Samantha Who. But better.

  7. chrispiers says:

    Glad to have you Essemar.

    Thanks for the correction, mamaloo. I’d never heard of the show and was just reading the industry news. It sounded interesting.

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