Review: Star Wars: Clone Wars 2.15 “Senate Murders”

Clone Wars – “Senate Murders”

“Searching for truth is easy. Accepting the truth is hard.”

WAR! The clone army is suffering heavy losses. This creates controversy in the Senate because Kamino wants to increase troop production, but other senators, like Padme, want to cut military spending. Public Opinion for the decrease in military funding is falling, but the senators hope that Padme’s speech will inspire confidence in the cause. Padme’s Uncle Ono is a Rodian senator with a bad past, but is trying to redeem himself by helping Padme rally votes her anti-war bill.

In her speech, Padme asserts that financial costs will bankrupt and cripple the republic. A decrease in military spending will promote diplomacy, the reason the Republic exists in the first place. However, not all senators were pleased by Padme’s speech. Sen. Deechi calls her unpatriotic. Later, while a celebrating Padme’s speech, Sen. Burtoni from Kamino calls them “Separatists” and claims democracy has failed the Republic. Ono criticizes Burtoni, saying the Kaminoans weaseled their way into the senate with the production of clones.  Suddenly, Ono is gasping for breath. Although they try to help him, he dies almost instantly.

Palpatine summons Padme and Lolo, Ono’s Rodian assistant, to his chambers. Leutinent Devo (possibly the most horribly voiced and designed character. ever. He sounds like a bad private investigator) suggests that Ono was murdered because of resurfacing secrets, but Padme thinks it may be about the resolution they were trying to pass. In another note, wouldn’t this be an investigation for the Jedi?

In meeting with Lolo, Padme, Bail Organa, and unidentified woman (possibly Mon Mothma), Padme suggests delaying the vote because nobody will be concentrating on it because of the controversy surrounding the murder. She also suggests that they should quietly investigate it themselves. Sen. Organa is chosen to accompany her. Their first subject is Sen. Deechi. Senators Deechi and Burtoni insist that they did not kill Ono because his speeches provided a source of income for their own campaigns. Then, Deechi reveals that he had someone following Ono and that Ono had a secret meeting at the docks the night before he was killed.

Sen. Organa thinks they’re out of their element wandering around the docks at night, in response Padme holds up a blaster. In the background, we see someone start up a machine. Then, the person attempts  to drop a large crate on them. When this fails, blaster shots fly. Padme pursues the attacker, but she and Sen. Organa collide when coming around a corner. Lt. Devo shows up with police droids and chastises Padme for interfering with his investigation. Padme realizes that Sen. Deechi may have sent them there on purpose and set them up.

Padme and Sen. Organa return to the senate building and find Sen. Deechi dead! Lt. Devo suggests putting them all under security, but Lolo leaves. Then, she returns claiming that Sen. Burtoni attacked her. They discover Burtoni in the hallway as Lolo claimed but Burtoni says she passed out and woke up there. Then, she calls Ono harmless and Sen. Deechi an ally, claiming she has no reason to kill either of them. However, Lt. Devo reveals that the poison used on Ono only effects Rodians and is made by Kaminoans.

Since Lolo is rodian too, initially suspicion is removed from her. Suddenly, Padme realizes Lolo didn’t drink anything when Ono drank the poisoned drink. Lolo takes Padme hostage. She justifies killing Ono because he betrayed the Rodians and brought war to her planet.  While she’s doing the villain reveal, Padme knocks her gun away and punches Lolo in the face. Police droids behind the door they backed into arrest Lolo.

Unfortunately, Padme’s resolution did not pass in the senate and clone troop manufacture shall proceed as scheduled. Palpatine of course claims he “doesn’t” support it and that democracy must stand, but the victory of the clone army is the only thing that can lead to peace.

With this episode, Clone Wars stepped into the realm of political cartoon. The conflict mimics conflict over the war in Iraq right now. I was confused as to the lack of Jedi, since they should be investigating murders in the senate. I was also surprised that Padme didn’t call Anakin for help when she decided to pursue the investigation on her own. I somewhat enjoyed this episode, but it seemed more like a filler. However, I found Ono’s comment about the Kaminoans interesting. It was a valid point. This episode was riddled with notes like that about Galactic politics but you kind of had to piece them out. Overall, I think maybe this would’ve been too political for a kid watching the show, especially since it was a lot of dialoguing and senate finessing. I give it 3.5/5 lightsabers. Not too shabby, but what about our favorite Jedi?

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